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Flower Branch

We won’t just tell you what you should be doing, we will work alongside you.


We will provide as much support as your people leaders need to feel empowered to manage, both the day-to-day and the ad hoc issues that arise, in a confident, compliant and positive way.

We offer advice and support across all stages of the employee lifecycle; from talent attraction and recruitment to exiting the organisation, and all the steps in between, including employment contracts, policies and guidelines, performance management, role definition, records management, leadership development, employee engagement, recognition and helping you to develop your culture,


We can also support you with ad hoc issues such as restructures and redundancy and when the expected happens, such as grievances and complaints, capability, performance management, bullying. 

We understand that your people are your best asset and we help you to protect that asset. Most importantly, we work from the premise that a) most situations are redeemable and b) nailing the simple things makes overall people management much easier.    

Our Philosophy

Flower Branch

No matter which way you look at it, the common denominator across all organisations, no matter the size, scale, location, product or business offering, is people.

People are the ultimate wildcard, and whilst there are ways of predicting potential and performance, we can never be hundred percent certain of what goes on inside someone’s head, especially when they are under stress or facing extraordinary circumstances.

Based on our experience, most HR issues can be negated or minimised by establishing a strong base for your people management function around all stages of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment, to onboarding, to development, to exit interview, when the cycle restarts with a new employee.

Once you have strong foundation in place, you can focus on the more exciting things – like growing your market, developing your people, engaging with your clients and customers and enjoying your business’s success.

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