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About the founder

Principal, Roxanne Morey (Harris) is a leader in applying practical HR strategies with a solutions focus. She started her HR career working for one of Australia’s most iconic manufacturing groups. 30 years later she was heading up HR and Culture for one of the largest organisations in New South Wales.

Our Mission

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To support and empower your organisation to develop and maintain a thriving and engaging environment for its people and business. A culture where everyone involved - leaders, employees, clients and suppliers - feel like they matter.

Our Approach

We care

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We have your back. Each time a client reaches out to us, we want them to feel unique and to know that they are in safe hands. 

We care because we believe most people want to do their best in their role and for their organisation. People don’t usually accept a role with the intention of doing the wrong thing, however for a range of reasons things can go off the rails. This is where we can help. We help and support you to manage the unexpected, when ‘things go wrong’.

We provide solutions 

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In many organisations, HR is still seen as the ‘poor cousin’ in comparison to our legal and accounting colleagues. However, when engaged in an effective and strategic way, or during a crisis, HR are the resource most leaders leverage and lean on, especially in the current landscape navigating industrial and legislative risks, managing burnout and leading people through times of uncertainty.

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